About us

Youth Advocacy Centre (YAC) is a Brisbane-based not-for-profit organisation that has a mission to increase young people's access to justice, both legal and social.

Who we are

YAC takes a holistic approach to speaking out for and supporting young people through free legal services, free social support and family support service, and a community legal education program.
Examples of the service YAC provides to young people beyond legal support include finding somewhere to live, sorting out mental health issues, getting back to school, or helping re-build relationships within their family.

This integrated casework approach aims to address the core issues that affect young people in contrast to band-aid fixes.
Just as integral to YAC's mission is youth advocacy involving working to improve social and legal systems so that they are more responsive and appropriate to the needs of children and young people.

YAC's unique, professional, evidence-based approach enables its leadership positioning in youth justice and support.
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Our mission

To increase young people's access to legal and social justice by actively supporting and speaking out, with and for young people.