Laying Down the Law

A bespoke online course designed to educate those working with young people in Qld on key laws, rights, responsibilities, and more.

4-6 hours



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About the course

The course will educate you on the most important laws affecting youth workers and what your responsibilities are. The training also provides participants with a decision making framework that will allow you to make decisions that are child centered, human rights compliant, and consistent with the law.

Best of all the program is interactive and includes example scenarios.
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Course Lessons

Module 1: Working with Young People

Module 1 provides an introduction to the rights of children in Australia, essential information regarding the youth justice system in Queensland, and a brief history of YAC.

Module 2: Rights-Based Advocacy Framework

Module 2 provides a legal and ethical framework for making decisions as a youth worker taking into account laws, rights, organisational policies, and personal values. It also provides a practical example of rights-based advocacy.

Module 3: Youth Workers and the Law

Module 3 works through a complex scenario to put your new understandings to the test, and showcase the importance of a decision making framework to guide your actions.

Module 4: Support Person at a Police Interview

Module 4 is a practical demonstration of the Youth Workers role as a support person in a police interview. This module helps you to understand how you can best support a young person in this situation.

Module 5: The Childrens Court

Module 5 covers essential knowledge about the Childrens Court process including age of criminal responsibility, court terms, things the court takes into account, bail conditions, sentencing options, and more. It also includes a short example of a court scenario.

Group learning

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